As many of you know, Ava has always been my very picky eater and we have struggled getting her to eat new foods. Our pediatrician recommended that we visit the food clinic at Children’s Hospitals Minnesota and I was so glad we went.  The staff at the clinic gave us some practical ways and strategies to introduce new food into her diet. 

One of the biggest things we learned is how to adjust our mindset when it comes to getting Ava to try a new food.  We often would get stressed out about it or discouraged when she wouldn’t actually put the food in her mouth.  Through the classes at Children’s, we learned that exposure to food is just is as important to actually eating the food.   We now make more of an effort to have Ava actually help cook with us, even if it is aa food that she doesn’t like. We also play with our food and talk a lot about how it smells and taste.  I have noticed that over the months, as we have incorporated food preparation and food conversation into our daily routine, Ava has slowly become more comfortable with foods that she was opposed to. 

Ava helps me make her lunch every night and we talk about what she wants to eat at school. Today I am sharing my Top Six Healthy Kids Snack items that are perfect for school lunches and for families on the go.

  1. Crystal Farms Little Nibblers. These pouches are great to grab and go. Ava loves adding the diced cheese to her spaghetti or chicken.
  2. Tangerines have always been a good go to for us because they provide a good amount of vitamin C and they are easy for Ava to peel.
  3. Ava finally has been eating apples and I always have these on hand because they are easy to grab. 
  4. Ava loves guacamole and avocado. So lately I have been chopping and freezing avocado pieces. They are easy to grab and throw in her lunch box, and by the time it’s lunch time they are ready to eat.
  5. Frozen pees have been one of our go to vegetables for Ava.  We often throw a handful in a container and by lunch time they are ready to eat.
  6. Crystal Farms Nibblers are another cheese favorite of Ava’s. These are great because they come in cubed form and Ava loves stacking and playing with them.

To see more healthy snack ideas and recipes for picky eaters, check out my pinterest page here.

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