Designerlust-aerin_edited-1 DIYlamp_edited-1 IMG_4707 IMG_4710I am obsessed with the Aerin lamp collection since it launched last year. I have been drooling over the gold Warren table lamp in the collection but couldn’t justify the $630 price tag.  An afternoon and a few simple tools, I created a similar look for under $70!

Supplies: Ikea Asele lamp (found here, but any similar shape lamp would work),  Gold leaf starter kit found at most art stores or Micheal’s (you will need the classic gold leafing papers, metal leaf adhesive, a soft brush, and metal leaf sealer).  I recommend working in a ventilated area (the adhesive fumes can get a bit smelly).

Directions: Creating the lamp was relatively easy. With a paint brush I applied a small layer of the adhesive to one small section of the lamp. I waited about 15 minutes for the glue to semi-dry (it should be a bit tacky to the touch). I carefully placed one piece of the gold leaf on the adhesive area. I repeated this step many times to fully cover the lamp.  I went back through each lamp to touch up any areas that I missed (you will find sometimes the leaf does not always stick).  Let the leaf  dry one hour, then lightly brush on the metal leaf sealer (this will ensure the gold leaf does not peal off).

Tips & Tricks: Applying leaf perfectly is impossible. The good news is gold leaf is very forgiving. You can easily layer over and retouch any mishaps with an additional layer of adhesive and strip of leaf.  For additional help, I found this YouTube video by Prudentbaby to be helpful.  Photo of Aerin Lamp from Architectural Digest Magazine.