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Playroom Revamp

One of the most anticipated rooms in our new house is our playroom. Having a space for the kids to house their toys and a place for them to run and create, was something we never had in our compact city condo. Trying to figure out how to design a  functional space for the girls was overwhelming, and I truly did not know where to begin. I was relieved to meet Lauren Alsup with Neat Method who immediately had some thoughts on how to make the space functional, organized and pretty.

Lauren started with an overall strategy of the space.  By learning what toys they play with the most, and how the space would be used- she was able to execute a functional plan.   Two book shelves were filled with functional soft pull out containers allowing easy access to their kitchen toys and block, which they play with the most.  The overflow of toys were organized into a storage closet that she turned into a small walk-in toy room.  Each toy collection was organized into easy pull-out bins and labeled, allowing the girls easy access to their art supplies and toys. Ledges were installed to display books and  hooks to hang their favorite dress up clothes.

One of my favorite parts of the space is the rotating art gallery.  My girls love to paint and draw. We incorporated a chalkboard and bulletin board to the art wall to pin up current art projects.  Magnetic frames allow me to rotate out pictures as the girls create them.

Lauren truly made a space that is not only pretty and functional, but also sustainable. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have an organized  play space for the girls and it has quickly become our favorite place to hang out in.

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