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Pink Office pink office style

1. Gold Lamp 2. Pink monogram pillow 3. Black dots print 4. Polka dot journal 5.Polka dot candle 6. Lucite arm chair 7. White lacquered desk 8. Tortoise shell box 9. Desk calendar 10. Pink tray

The start of the New Year brings New Years Resolutions. If you are like me, you may have made the commitment to be more productive and organized in 2014.  In order to kick-start this goal, I wanted to freshen up my workspace by adding a pop of pink.  Pink is not only fun, it adds an element of femininity and joy to a workspace. 

Inspired by Kelly Wearstler’s office, I created a space that is inviting and inspires me to be more productive. I kept with a mostly neutral palette of black, white, and gray and added a few bright pink accessories to add that punch. Incorporating a bit of gold, gave the space just the right hint of glamour.  Revamping my workspace with this pop of pink, has given me that extra push that I needed.




Move over Naked pallette, there is a new doll in town. I am completely obsessed with the new, recently released  NARSissit Eyeshadow Palette.  It is the perfect on the go, travel companion and includes all the best NARS shadows in one.  I was lucky to nab one on their site when it was released and I just got word that the pallet will be hitting makeup counters soon.

w940_h772_524597059ac35f1240b9d5be Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.45.24 PM w587_h881_524597359ac35f1e40b9d5cb Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.46.00 PM Apeek inside Rita Hazan’s NoHo apartment designed by the dynamic duo- Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent.  What a great idea to incorporate her shoe collection into her everyday decor. I’m also loving the affordable yet chic Nate Berkus for Target collection, which can be found here.   Images from Domino Magazine– Holiday 2013


Designerlust-aerin_edited-1 DIYlamp_edited-1 IMG_4707 IMG_4710I am obsessed with the Aerin lamp collection since it launched last year. I have been drooling over the gold Warren table lamp in the collection but couldn’t justify the $630 price tag.  An afternoon and a few simple tools, I created a similar look for under $70!

Supplies: Ikea Asele lamp (found here, but any similar shape lamp would work),  Gold leaf starter kit found at most art stores or Micheal’s (you will need the classic gold leafing papers, metal leaf adhesive, a soft brush, and metal leaf sealer).  I recommend working in a ventilated area (the adhesive fumes can get a bit smelly).

Directions: Creating the lamp was relatively easy. With a paint brush I applied a small layer of the adhesive to one small section of the lamp. I waited about 15 minutes for the glue to semi-dry (it should be a bit tacky to the touch). I carefully placed one piece of the gold leaf on the adhesive area. I repeated this step many times to fully cover the lamp.  I went back through each lamp to touch up any areas that I missed (you will find sometimes the leaf does not always stick).  Let the leaf  dry one hour, then lightly brush on the metal leaf sealer (this will ensure the gold leaf does not peal off).

Tips & Tricks: Applying leaf perfectly is impossible. The good news is gold leaf is very forgiving. You can easily layer over and retouch any mishaps with an additional layer of adhesive and strip of leaf.  For additional help, I found this YouTube video by Prudentbaby to be helpful.  Photo of Aerin Lamp from Architectural Digest Magazine.


NYE_edited-1 NYE2_edited-2

I had so much fun celebrating ringing in 2014 with my husband, family and friends! One: black resin arrowhead earrings by J.Crew, found here. Two: black feather hem Jamysen dress by BCBG Maxazria found here. Three: Black leather Bianca pumps by Christian Louboutin, found here. Four: Black classic jumbo quilted Chanel handbag (only sold in store at Chanel boutiques). Happy 2014!